Takano Formal-bag 2

Takano Formal-bag 2

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Takano Formal-bag 2 is a masterpiece of skilled craftsmanship of formal bag making.
The elegance of this formal bag resides in the ultimate form of simplicity which highlights the quality of materials and tailoring. It is made of glass leather which has an outstanding sense of luxury, tension, and luster. The hard glass leather and the core material require skillful techniques, and a glass leather bag, which is rarely seen elsewhere, shows Kamakura Takano’s real ability as a bag manufacturer. The two lovely eye-catching handles are detachable to be replaced with the attached clasp, that allows you to use as a shoulder bag. This bag is sure to be useful in a variety of situations.

H 15cm x W 24cm x D 7cm
Glass Leather
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*Please understand that even if the same dyeing is done by skilled leather craftsmen, there will be differences in texture and color.

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About Kamakura Takano

This is a bag brand that has been honing its craft for over 55 years since its establishment.
With the desire to “add color to people’s lives” in mind, we continue to refine old-fashioned molds while maintaining traditional processes.
With the desire to “give color to people’s lives” in mind, we continue to refine the old-fashioned patterns while maintaining the traditional processes.

We continue to pursue hand bags that are convenient to carry, fun to hold, and a joy to leave behind.
We continue to pursue such hand bags.

About the product

Born by following traditional processes that are often omitted in recent years
An elegant silhouette and durability are the features of Kamakura Takano.

By making leather, we carefully balance the lightness and toughness of the leather, and by applying the technique of folding back the leather to the helicopter part, we have achieved both lightness and durability.
Gorgeous finish different from cut, born from handmade Enjoy the sexy curves.

Glass Leather

This leather has a strong and glossy texture that provides an outstanding sense of luxury. The bags made of this leather are very durable and scratch resistant, but it is difficult for craftsmen to handle. Therefore, now it has become a rare leather that only a few manufacturers, including Kamakura Takano use for their products.

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