Takano Tote-bag 1 Lavender Pink

Takano Tote-bag 1 Lavender Pink

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Our most popular item, the signature tote bag has been continuously modified for improvement since the company was founded over 55 years ago. By carefully folding back the edge of the skived leather before sewing, we have achieved both lightness and durability as well as a soft touch with this turned edge technique.


Large enough for A4 sized documents an a small laptop or tablet,  the side gusset design ensures the bag maintains its silhouette even when full. The top clasp ensures all of your contents are safe. The interior compartment is removable and can be used separately as a clutch.

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Shiny silhouette and high functionality created by delicate handcrafting.
Enjoy our elegant bags when you go out.

Lavender Pink
H 24cm x W 40cm x D 13cm
Shining enamel leather
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*The enamel has the property of absorbing color. Please be careful when handling it.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

*Please understand that even if the same dyeing is done by skilled leather craftsmen, there will be differences in texture and color.

*Free shipping on purchases of 24,000 yen (tax included) or more

About Kamakura Takano

This is a bag brand that has been honing its craft for over 55 years since its establishment.
With the desire to “add color to people’s lives” in mind, we continue to refine old-fashioned molds while maintaining traditional processes.
With the desire to “give color to people’s lives” in mind, we continue to refine the old-fashioned patterns while maintaining the traditional processes.

We continue to pursue hand bags that are convenient to carry, fun to hold, and a joy to leave behind.
We continue to pursue such hand bags.

About the product

Born by following traditional processes that are often omitted in recent years
An elegant silhouette and durability are the features of Kamakura Takano.

By making leather, we carefully balance the lightness and toughness of the leather, and by applying the technique of folding back the leather to the helicopter part, we have achieved both lightness and durability.
Gorgeous finish different from cut, born from handmade Enjoy the sexy curves.

Shining enamel leather

The jewel-like brilliance of each color, and the bouncy texture and texture of the leather give it a graceful and exquisite look.
The special enameling process makes the leather scratch-resistant and durable over time.

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