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Bring color to your life

The elegant silhouette and durability of our products are the result of protecting traditional Japanese techniques that are often omitted in today’s handbags.
By folding over the edges, a perfect balance between strength and lightness is achieved through our distinctive leather making process.
The final result is a gorgeous finish that will last a lifetime.
Hand made in Kamakura, Japan.

Kamakura Takano

AboutKamakura Takano

Founded in 1965 with the desire to “bring color to your life”, our artisans have been masterfully refining traditional molds and patterns while maintaining traditional processes from Japan. We continue to design and produce quality handbags that are convenient to carry, fun to hold and is the perfect accent piece for your collection.

A Message from our CEO

Kamakura Takano's bags are all made by our craftsmen in Japan, using traditional methods. The "turned edge" technique, which has been often omitted due to cost constraints in recent years, is applied to various parts of our bags to create delicate details. The body and handles elegant and beautiful curves require meticulously calculations during the material cutting process and many years of experience to master. Please enjoy the detailed charms of our many bags with their ingenious storage solutions in a wide range of colors.

We wish to be a part of your wonderful lifestyle.


Takano Daiki

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